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  • Efficiency Advantage
  • Starting Current Advantage
  • Speed Advantage
  • Reliability Advantage
  • Quiet Advantage
  • Ease of Operations Advantage
  • Performance Advantage
  • Service Advantage

Efficiency Advantage - Compressor Design

  • Single stage compressor design
  • Optimized impeller designs
  • High efficiency, refrigerant cooled motors
  • Free standing Variable Frequency Drive
  • Frictionless compressor bearings minimize efficiency Loss
  • Easily meeting BEE 5–Star Rating : ISEER 9.87 to 10.0
  • IPLV @ AHRI conditions < 0.30 IkW/TR
  • Capable of operating at a high lift conditions, such as high condensing or low leaving chilled water

Efficiency Advantage - Oil Free Design

  • Over a period of time, oil in chillers with lubricated compressors tends to carry over to the heat exchangers and coat the heat exchanger tubes and reduce heat transfer, resulting in a deterioration in chiller efficiency.
  • An ASHRAE determined the quantity of oil as a percentage of refrigerant in older chillers and found the average to be 12.88%. The study determined that even 3.5% of oil equated to an 8% efficiency loss.
  • Thus, oil free compressors stand to benefit to a large extent due to the absence of oil

Starting Current Advantage:

  • Starting Amps - 2 Ampere as against 200 ~500 A of conventional chillers
  • There is gradual increase in the voltage until the DC bus reaches the up trip voltage
  • Combination of soft start function and variable speed drive combined, limits inrush current at Start up

Starting Current Advantage:

  • Starting Amps - 2 Ampere as against 200 ~500 A of conventional chillers
  • There is gradual increase in the voltage until the DC bus reaches the up trip voltage
  • Combination of soft start function and variable speed drive combined, limits inrush current at Start up

Speed Advantage:

  • High speed allowing for size and weight reduction
  • Magnetic bearings with no friction increases life of the compressor
  • Low vibrations levels
  • The compressor speed adjusts automatically to match the load and current operating conditions so that optimum efficiency is gained
  • High speed shaft - max. 20,000 RPM

Reliability Advantage:

  • Bearings capable of handling high thrust & radial loads, can handle any shocks / surge conditions without damage
  • Permanent Magnet Motor, designed for 20,000 rpm speed, capable of easily handling power fluctuations
  • VFD designed for high switching frequency considering the requirements of Permanent Magnet motor
  • Precise stepper motor driven IGV operation with runtime auto calibration
  • Totally enclosed IGV operating mechanism
  • Sine Wave filters used to smoothen the power supply, minimizes the effect of voltage fluctuations

Coast Down Mechanism

  • Specially designed VFD ensures charging of capacitor bank in the event of power failure, by running the motor in generator mode and ensures safe landing
  • Shaft always lands on the back-up bearings, which are made of composite material

Precision Components:
Heat Exchangers

  • Heat exchangers manufactured in accordance with ASME
  • Certified welders
  • Inspection and testing at every stage
  • Can supply heat exchangers with PED certification

Motor and Electronic Cooling System

  • Effective cooling of AMB control system, with Heat Sink, dissipates heat to refrigerant through heat sink, by conduction method
  • Air cooled VFD
  • Refrigerant cooled Motor

Quiet Advantage:

  • Only one moving part, no friction
  • The chiller becomes quieter as it uploads

Operation Advantage:

  • Only OEM to have facility for Compressor service in India, all spares available locally
  • Field Serviceable Semi Hermetic compressor with Site serviceable IGV
  • External Variable Frequency Drive for easy maintenance
  • Operator Friendly, 13” graphical touch screen HMI with 1280 x 800 dpi resolution
  • Default Quick Start option
  • IoT enabled, to collect operating data, web  monitoring, alarm pre-alerts etc. which improves overall uptime
  • Default capability of Screen Cloning on network PC through ethernet

Performance Advantage:

  • All Chiller factory run-tested as standard, on AHRI Certified Test Facility
  • Factory operational test at full load design conditions
  • Can offer witness testing at full load / part load points - ensures correctness of capacity and efficiency

  • IPLV < 0.30, COP > 6.5
  • Single & Dual Compressor, 250 ~2000 TR
  • Oil Free Operation
  • Extremely Low OPEX, attractive ROI
  • 5-Star  BEE Rating

Kirloskar TURBOLEV® series of chillers uses the principle of magnetic levitation on application of an electric field, adapted to suit the chiller application.

Magnetic levitation, already a proven technology in aerospace, oil and gas exploration and transportation applications, is combined with variable-speed centrifugal compression and supported by digital electronics to run the compressor without any contact between the rotating dynamic and static parts and allows the compressor to operate in a frictionless environment so as achieve the highest efficiencies.

Centrifugal compression offers substantially higher isentropic efficiency compared with other compressor designs. Used most effectively in a centrifugal compressor, a variable-speed drive further enhances part load efficiency. The combination of this technology with magnetic levitation results in a machine with an unparalleled bouquet of benefits - extremely quiet operation very high efficiency without the need of lubrication which is so essential in conventional compressors.

Chiller RangeEvaporator ModelCondenser ModelOverall height (mm)Overall width (mm)Overall length (mm)Shipping weight (kg)Operation weight (kg)
400 TR – 600 TR
800 TR – 1200 TR


A Participating Company in the AHRI 550-590 Certification Programs

Kirloskar Chillers Private Limited way back in 2004, became FIRST chiller manufacturer in India to have its range of water cooled centrifugal and screw water chillers certified by AHRI under the AHRI 550/590 certification program. This authenticates Kirloskar Chillers' claim of chillers designed and manufactured to global standards. Kirloskar Chillers has a continuous commitment to supply chillers that perform as specified.

On-going performance verification of chiller capacity and power input provides the owner with specified performance in accordance with the AHRI Standard 550/590-2013. Further, In 2008, KCPL also became the first company in India to have it's chiller test bed certified by AHRI.

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