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Kirloskar Chillers offers a range of Air-cooled Scroll Chillers from 11 to 44 TR, using eco-friendly refrigerant HFC 410A.

Easy and Quick Installation

Chillers are pre-wired, refrigerant charged and tested at the factory prior to dispatch, which makes installation and start up easy and less time consuming.

Microprocessor-based Control System

Ensures chiller safety by monitoring necessary parameters and controlling operation of the chiller.

BMS Compatibility

Advanced microprocessor control has an optional feature for BMS compatibility over open protocols.

Highly Energy Efficient & Reliable Scroll Compressor with Built-in Time delay

Advanced compressor design with a time delay provided between first and second compressor starting ensuring high reliability.

Capacity Modulation

Use of multiple compressors with independent refrigeration circuits provides redundancy and enable efficient part load operations and energy savings.

Modular Construction

Enables parallel operation of multiple units to achieve desired plant capacity.

Quiet Operation

Axial fans designed for exceptionally silent operation.