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The Refrigerant Advantage:

  • Kirloskar screw chillers are available with HFC 134a, HFC 407C refrigerants
  • Ease of refrigerant availability

The Efficiency Advantage:

  • Highly energy efficient air cooled chillers series - KAS & KAA(with adiabatic cooling)
  • High efficiencies obtained by use of enhanced surface copper tubes and copper-aluminium condenser coils
  • Use of high efficiency suction gas cooled motors

The Flexibility Advantage:

  • Cooling capacity ranges from 45 TR (175 kW) to 450TR(1580kW)
  • Eco-friendly refrigerants HFC 134a, HFC 407C
  • Can be offered with remote condenser as an option
  • The chillers are used for various applications like human comfort, processing cooling, data center cooling.
  • Various options for electrical starters - Star-Delta, Soft Starters, VFDs.
  • Heat exchanger tube options - Cu, SS, Cu-Ni.

The Reliability Advantage:

  • Highly energy efficient & reliable compressor design
  • Simple yet highly reliable oil management

The Controls Advantage:

  • User friendly K-Smart controller
  • Backlit LCD display, displaying the unit status in simple english
  • Easy Building Automation System (BAS) interface - BACnet, LonWorks or Modbus.
  • Fault history with date and time stamp
  • Auto lead lag for multiple chillers

The PRODIGY® Series® Screw Chillers are manufactured at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which ensures product of world class quality. Water cooled screw chillers are certified under AHRI 500/590 certification program.

Highest energy efficiency at full load & part load conditions, combined with proactive logic control (which ensures chiller operation at optimum operating conditions at all times), results into extremely low life cycle cost. This ultimately helps complying Green Building & ECBC requirements.

Cooling capacity ranges from 50 to 450 TR with HFC134a & HFC407C refrigerants.

Apart from typical water chillers, we offer various heat recovery options like - Partial heat recovery, Full heat recovery, Reverse Cycle Heat Pumps. To know more details, please contact nearest office of Kirloskar Chillers.

Air Cooled
Model No.Nominal TR (kW)
KAS (HFC 134a)043 ~ 426 (151 ~ 1498)
KAS (HFC 407C)048 ~ 427 (169 ~ 1502)
KAA (HFC 134a)045 ~ 448 (158 ~ 1576)
KAA (HFC 407C)051 ~ 449 (179 ~ 1579)


AHRI Certification

Kirloskar Chillers Private Limited way back in 2004, became FIRST chiller manufacturer in India to have its range of water cooled centrifugal and screw water chillers certified by AHRI under the AHRI 550/590 certification program. This authenticates Kirloskar Chillers' claim of chillers designed and manufactured to global standards. Kirloskar Chillers has a continuous commitment to supply chillers that perform as specified.

On-going performance verification of chiller capacity and power input provides the owner with specified performance in accordance with the AHRI Standard 550/590-2013. Further, In 2008, KCPL also became the first company in India to have it's chiller test bed certified by AHRI.

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