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Emergency Cooling

When the installed chillers in your plant or other facility suffer a breakdown, count on Kirloskar Chillers to provide prompt solutions with rental chillers.


When replacing old or obsolete chilling equipment in your facility, Kirloskar Chillers’ temporary chilling solutions allow your projects team sufficient time to order, procure, install and commission new equipment without a break in the air conditioning services.

Planned / Routine Maintenance

During your annual or periodic shutdown, rely on Kirloskar Chillers’ rental solutions to take care of the air conditioning needs of your plant or office without imposing time pressures which could affect the quality of the maintenance routines.

Additional cooling capacity

When additional capacity is temporarily required, such as seasonal heat waves and variations in business cycles, a Kirloskar rental chiller supplies cost-effective temporary additional cooling without employing precious capital.

New Project Schedules

Often, time overruns in new project implementation result in mismatches between readiness of facilities / process  lines and delivery, installation and commissioning of new HVAC equipment.

Capital constraints

When capital budgets are a constraint, renting cooling equipment provides access to efficient HVAC technologies without making a long-term financial commitment to purchase. Temporary cooling can bridge the gap until the economic climate stabilizes and budgeting issues can be resolved. It comes with the added benefit of elimination of maintenance and repair expense and guaranteed uptime.

We offer Air cooled Chillers for any short term / long term requirements of cooling, be it a peak demand period or green field trials, a breakdown situation or need to run operations with greater energy efficiency. The chillers are designed to address typical challenges in rental programs and even come with operational assistance.


  • Air Cooled Screw Chillers in capacities from 70 TR to 200 TR
  • Compressors with VFD to cater to varying loads, and reduce starting current
  • VFD-driven Chilled Water Pump (on chiller unit) to match varying flows / heads at site
  • Victaulic couplings for ease of connection to user piping
  • Provided with SDU and electrical protections,
  • Unit-mounted DP switch across evaporator nozzles
  • Anti-vibration rubber pads (only level PCC floor required)
  • Structural frame for ease of transportation & installation