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We offer a range of after sales products and services that further boost the utility provided by our products. As with all our products and services, everything is designed around the customer experience. From web-based monitoring of chillers which allows real-time data to be constantly acquired and processed, to automatic cleaning systems for chiller condensers that help boost energy saving and reliability, our range of value added solutions offers a plethora of options for all our customers. This range aims to boost the already-impressive level of efficiency, innovation, reliability and peace of mind that comes with a Kirloskar Chillers product.

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  • Real-time data is constantly acquired and processed, used to diagnose real-time health of chiller
  • Abnormal or unhealthy conditions in the equipment are analyzed using complex algorithms,
  • Failures can be predicted for proactive maintenance.
  • System generates alerts and notifications to customer’s maintenance / utility engineer via Email.
  • All chiller parameters including temperatures, pressures, currents etc. along with status of various safety and operational switches are logged at predefined interval & stored on centralized server.
  • Daily mailers will be generated by server for latest 24 hours  logbook.
  • User level setpoints can also be viewed / modified by logging in through internet.

  • Keeps condenser tubes clean & fouling under control, that helps in substantial energy saving
  • Improved condenser tube life by eliminating usage of brush / harmful chemicals for cleaning
  • On-line system that avoids costly shutdown & downtime losses
  • Very low operating cost as system runs for a very short time
  • Fully automatic, No manual intervention, and User friendly
  • Single system for multiple chillers

  • Fast processing algorithm for quicker and precise action.
  • User friendly interface graphic and comprehensive data (e.g. 13” touch screen for Centrifugal Chiller)  
  • Gives better loading/unloading pattern of compressor for quicker actions on load variations
  • Makes chiller compatible for connectivity with Plant Manager, Remote Monitoring, and BMS

  • Best suited for chillers that run on part load more often
  • Substantial power savings
  • Reduced inrush current
  • Increased power factor at all speeds
  • Payback period very low, usually around a year depending upon type of chiller & usage
  • Smooth start-stop of compressor motor, thus less mechanical resonance and reduced motor stress & heat.

  • Fully automatic operation, no manual intervention required.
  • Operates all the equipment in a typical Chiller Plant Room like Chillers, Condenser / Evaporator Pumps, Cooling Tower Fans, Motorised Valves & VFDs if any.
  • Optimum utilization of Chiller Plant Room equipment leading to energy saving,
    • Chiller sequencing based on running hours
    • Deciding which pumps shall run, based on number of chillers in operation
    • Controlling water flow to the Cooling Tower depending on no. of Chillers in operation
  • Graphic display, fault & alarm displays at remote locations, data logging options are also available
  • The extent of sophistication that can be incorporated in a CPM is limitless

  • Suitable for KAS, KWS, KWK Chillers
  • Heat recovery is absolutely free
  • No increase in compressor power consumption as chiller operates at normal condensing pressures
  • Improves chiller efficiency actually
  • Can get water up to about 50°C, without any loss of cooling

  • Wide range of RefTec USA make refrigerant recovery units
  • Special model range for different applications.
  • Optional available with or without Tank
  • Individual and universal models for low & high pressure refrigerants