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Efficiency Advantage:

  • Current Advantage
  • Speed Advantage
  • Reliability Advantage
  • Quiet Advantage
  • Ease of Operations Advantage
  • Performance Advantage
  • Service Advantage

Efficiency Advantage:

  • Two stage compressor design
  • Optimized impeller designs
  • High efficiency, refrigerant cooled motors
  • Inbuilt variable frequency drive
  • Flooded design evaporators
  • Oil free compressor minimizes Efficiency Loss

Oil in HVAC Systems results in Efficiency Losses

  • An ASHRAE determined the average quantity of oil as a percentage of in older chiller. This found the average to be 12.88%
  • A study determined that even at 3.5% of oil equated to an 8% efficiency loss

Efficiency Advantage:

  • Advance component designs - Internally and externally enhanced copper tube for high heat transfer coefficients
  • Options of alternative materials - Cupro Nickel for sea water / corrosive applications

Current Advantage:

  • Starting Amps - 2 Ampere as against 200 ~500 A of conventional chillers
  • There is gradual increase in the voltage until the DC bus reaches the up trip voltage
  • Combination of soft start function and variable speed drive combined, Limits inrush current at Start up

Unloading Advantage:

  • Combination of Inlet Guide Vane and VFD control
  • Excellent stability at lower loads
  • Active surge control - avoid surging by appropriate movement of shaft by using inbuilt surge control algorithm
  • Electronic expansion Valve provides superior refrigerant flow control over a range of operating conditions
  • Provides excellent part of load efficiency

Speed Advantage:

  • High speed allowing for size and weight reduction
  • Magnetic bearings with no friction increases life of the compressor
  • Lower vibrations levels
  • The compressor speed adjusts automatically to match the load and current operating conditions so that optimum efficiency is gained
  • High speed shaft - Maximum RPM 48,000

Reliability Advantage:

  • All chillers are designed to offer very high reliability during the entire life spam of chiller
  • The reliability built into the design of every components of the chiller
  • Design features + precision components makes Kirloskar TurboLev® Centrifugal Chillers the best in terms of reliability and efficiency

Precise Control of Shaft position

  • The rotor shaft is held in position with ten separately controlled electro magnetic cushions which continually change in strength to keep the shaft centrally positioned
  • Sensors monitor the position of the shaft over 6 million times a minute
  • Radial and Axial Bearings keeps the rotor suspended
  • Fail-safe provision of sensors maintains reliability in operation

Coast Down Mechanism

  • Within 0.5 of a micro-second, the motor becomes a generator to power the bearings to a controlled coast-down. The onboard capacitors have enough power to fully support the bearing system during the switch from motor to generator mode.
  • Shaft will rest on the back up bearings, which are made of composite material.

Precision Components:

Heat Exchangers

  • Heat exchangers manufactured in accordance with ASME
  • Certified welders
  • Inspection and testing at every stage
  • Can supply heat exchangers with PED certification

Motor and Electronic Cooling System

  • To maintain SCR temperature within safe range(40 deg C to 55 deg C), liquid level sensor is provided inside condenser bottom which ensures sufficient liquid level in condenser and continuous liquid flow to the compressor cooling line which further cools motor stator and IGBT.

Quiet Advantage:

  • Only one moving part, no friction
  • The chiller becomes quieter as it uploads
Chiller Models Distance(meters) Noise Level(dbA)
TT 300 & TT 350 1 79
2.5 74
5 68
8 65
TT 400 & 450 1 82
2.5 78
5 75
8 72

Operation Advantage:

  • A user friendly touch screen interface provides the operator with essential information about operating parameters, alarms and trips.

Performance Advantage:

  • All Chiller factory run-tested as standard, on AHRI Certified Test Facility
  • Factory operational test at full load design conditions
  • Can offer witness testing at full load / part load points - ensures correctness of capacity and efficiency

Kirloskar TURBOLEV® series of chillers uses the principle of magnetic levitation on application of an electric field, adapted to suit the chiller application.

Magnetic levitation, already a proven technology in aerospace, oil and gas exploration and transportation applications, is combined with variable-speed centrifugal compression and supported by digital electronics to run the compressor without any contact between therotating dynamic and static parts and allows the compressor to operate in a frictionless environment so as achieve the highest efficiencies.

Centrifugal compression offers substantially higher isentropic efficiency compared with other compressor designs. Used most effectively in a centrifugal compressor, a variable-speed drive further enhances part load efficiency. The combination of this technology with magnetic levitation results in a machine with an unparalleled bouquet of benefits - extremely quiet operation very high efficiency without the need of lubrication which is so essential in conventional compressors.

With Single Compressor With Two Compressor With Three Compressor
Model No. Nominal TR (kW) Model No. Nominal TR (kW) Model No. Nominal TR (kW)
KCM 300.14 94 (331) KCM 300.24 189 (665) KCM 400.34 470 (1653)
KCM 350.14 130 (457) KCM 350.24 261 (918) KCM 700.34 612 (2152)
KCM 400.14 157 (552) KCM 400.24 314 (1104)    
KCM 700.14 193 (679) KCM 700.24 385 (1354)    

A Participating Company in the AHRI 550-590 Certification Programs

Kirloskar Chillers Private Limited way back in 2004, became FIRST chiller manufacturer in India to have its range of water cooled centrifugal and screw water chillers certified by AHRI under the AHRI 550/590 certification program. This authenticates Kirloskar Chillers' claim of chillers designed and manufactured to global standards. Kirloskar Chillers has a continuous commitment to supply chillers that perform as specified.


On-going performance verification of chiller capacity and power input provides the owner with specified performance in accordance with the AHRI Standard 550/590-2013. Further, In 2008, KCPL also became the first company in India to have it's chiller test bed certified by AHRI.

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